whats causing my car to idle real low ?


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Nov 12, 2002
just recently i noticed my car idleing real low under 1000 rpm and when at a red light or stop sign still idles under that 1000 rpm range what could be causing this to happen ? what should my 85 GN be idleing at ? what r the specifications for my rpm idleing to be at please help guys ? car feels like **** runs goos but feels like it want to give up at a dead stop in gear thanx
What tach you going by? Stock tachs are junk.....mine reads 300 rpm's to high:D My car idles at about 800 to 850 in park and in gear even lower 550ish. Definitly do the IAC and TPS, but I think your idling is normal(or my car is messed too) :cool:
well guys thanx alot for that useful info im gonna go and check to see if that is the problem those links really helped i appreciate ur guys help i will do that and let u guys know what my results r if its fixed or not thanx again
my car idles at 750-800 rpm
there nothing wrong with it idling low as long as your tps and Iac are set properly

i'd say if the idle isnt jumping all over the place, dont worry about it
well i guess im just trippin then but im still gonna get it checked out i just worry alittle becuz it feels a bit shaky when its that low