Whats the best Remote Engine Oil Cooler


Who makes it (part # or link)
Where did you mount it?
Did your water temp lower by how many degrees?
Would you do it again?
any pics to share?
You don't need one unless you are a nascar driver or you autocross. Don't waste your money.

It seems to me that due to oil running thru the turbo & back thru the block that the oil's life (intregity) is shortened

The cooler the oil, the better life for the motor??
heres my $.02 on it
you want the oil warm so it gets to where it should be but not over 240-260 if you can help it
running through the stock radiator helps to cool the oil but we run 160 thermostats and coolant temps are 160-170 so the oil tends to run cooler than it should for optimum performance
even without the cooler the coolant circulating through the block pulls the heat from the oil and as long as coolant temps arent escalating then the oil is being cooled
at the track , (drag strip that is most of us do not do endurance or ciircle ) you dont want to race on cold oil , you need somewhere near 240* for optimum performance so getting it warm quick is more important than getting it cool,

tranny coolers now thats another thing, Im all for them , transmissions dont need heat and dont run the viscosity oil like we use in our engines so colder is better