Whats the best way to remove the air/heater box?


Jun 25, 2009
Trying to replace the box due to it being cracked and melted from the 3" downpipe. So i wanted to replace it and is having trouble getting it off.
take out all the bolts and take it out.. easier with the fender removed.
when you put it all back together, make a heat shield out of some aluminum.
The part I am having trouble with is the bottom piece. So the only way to get to those bolts is to take the fender off?
I have a few pics of mine installed, heres a few shots of the bolts at the bottom of my NA heater box and one of the fitment. I couldnt get the box in because the passenger cylinder head was in the way, so i pulled the motor to install it I used a new gasket and seam sealed it all around plus a dab on every bolt.
heater box 001.JPG


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