whats the deal with power 6 trademark


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Jun 28, 2001
is the power 6 logo protected? and does that apply to anything. i remember reading on here about jax having bought the trademark or something like that.
It is trademarked. Jax didn't buy the sole rights they bought a licence from GM to used the trademarked logo. You too can buy a licence to reproduce the logo, but it ain't cheap. If you reproduce the logo on a product and sell that product you need a licence.
so what about all the t shirts, stickers and all that have the turbo 6 logo on them, is everybody paying for it or does it only apply to reproduction stuff?
People are doing it without GMs permission. They don't have time to chase after every t-shirt vendor or bumper sticker maker. You get in trouble when someone has paid for the rights to use the logo, and you make the same product without the rights and they turn you in.