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Up for sale is my Cyberdyne Digital Dash. I have owned it for about 3 years and It has been great and pretty cool I must say. I have never seen another TR in my area with one like it. Everyone always asks about it when they see it. I purchased it hear from a board member. I have since upgraded to a different dash.

I do have installation directions as well. I’m sure directions for this dash are hard to find. So that will be helpful for installation.

Recently, the oil gauge numbers started reading a bit off. I believe it is the sending unit. I will still include the original sending unit if you want to reference that part.

Also, for the fuel gauge I heard you can get a fuel pressure and sending unit for this dash to get it very accurate. Mine was always off some, but it never bothered me since I didn’t drive the car much.

I really have know idea what this Digital Dash would be valued at today since they are virtually non-existed. So I’ll list my price at $375. It’s quite a bit less than what I paid for it. Also, taking into consideration the sending units, I feel it’s good deal. You won’t see another like it.


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