Wheel stud help...


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Aug 13, 2001
Need some help on wheel studs. Is there a replacement stud that's 1/2" longer than stock? If so who makes it, or does someone have a part #?? Thanks for the help
ARP makes the stud you are looking for. Contact your local parts store and the ask them for the ARP replacement stud for our cars, and specify that it is the 1/2 inch longer ones. They go for about 20 dollars per wheel.(40 for a complete set for the rear)

Ok how long are our stock studs? I found some ARP's at Summitt which are 2 1/2 long. $11.99 for a set of 5
Don't know if it's any help, but Dorman #610-254 measures 1-5/8
from base of flange to the end of the stud. Dorman #610-323 measures 2-1/8" from the same point. The knurl diameter is .0157
smaller than what is specified for our cars. I've used these in several cars w/out any problems (if you are looking for a commercially available stud). I'd guess most any parts store would either carry the Dorman # in stock or be able to cross their part #. Oh, the 610-254 is listed as the stock size for our cars. HTH
Thanks, The ARP studs I found are...
12mmx1.5, 2 1/2 long. .509 knurl Part # ARP 100 7708
Would these work???
I just got some GM 3" studs part #22551491. They are longer than the ARP and plenty tough in my opinion.
Just another option;)
I'm sure those ARP studs will work. My info lists the stock knurl @ 12.73mm. 0.3937 x 12.73 = .5012, so I'd bet they'll work!