Wheel studs? Which ones?


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May 26, 2001
Hey gang,
So which wheel studs did everyone use? Part #? Brand? What's a good length? For my Center line rims? Geoff? Dereck?:rolleyes:

Brought back the old post....:cool:

Hey Jackson, are those stock sized studs?? Or long studs?
I seen Guy on so I wanted to toy with him, but after I refresh my screen he gone? Hmm? :confused:

Originally posted by TurboV6
I made it up! :D
WHAT!!!:mad: I ordered that part number. 20 of them.:eek: 10 for you.And 10 for me. I guess there be NO STUDS FOR YOU..:D ;)
So much for secrets....

That was supposed to be a secret.....NOT ANY MORE!:( OOOps BTW how long a stud are we talking about? I gave Clayton those 76mm Dorman ones I had pn 610-323

Originally posted by Geoff87: Wheel Studs (M12 x 1.5 x 76 ..longer than stock) GM part no. 22551491

Note the GM stud if I recall correctly has no threads the top 1/4"
Rob, the studs are 3" long, or 76mm. :) No threads on the tip. 1st 1/2 inch, or so.
Sounds like 4th gen f-body peices. the dorman ones were threaded all the way to the top though, good if you need to run a small spacer for tire clearance. I keep thinking that the length refers to the threaded part, but its measured from the knurl to the tip, right?