Where do I hook up the hoist?


Hot Air Teacher/Student
Apr 3, 2003
Hey all. Well, I got everything off. The power steering, oil cooler, fuel lines, wire harness, vacuum hoses, heater hoses...everything! Long and short of it is, I dont see any bolts protruding or hooks that I can attach my engine hoist up to. So, how Do I get this out?

Thanks in advance!


Pick a Head Bolt, or Intake Manifold bolt (That screws into the head) and use it to pull......Pull it up a bit and make sure it is balanced.....If not move the chain to different bolts till it comes out level.

Hope this helps
Hey Herb
...Does this mean I have to pull these nice valve covers off? I was planning on putting a 3/8 threaded rod into one of the bell housing mounts, and one into the head in the front where the bolt for the accessory bracket was held...Is this do-able? I dont want to screw anything up that I might need later, ya know?


All I did when removing my engine is lift by 2 intake bolts diagonally across from one another. I had an equalizer bar, but removing that and cutting a chain to length gave me about 4 inches, which was what I needed to get the thing out. I simply laid the chain across from the rear on the passenger side to the front driver side. The intake bolts seemed strong enough.:D
are those two intake bolts you are talking about, one on the back left hand side (driver), and right front (pass side)? If so, I have those two, but they are studs sticking up about 6 to 8 threads. I could throw a couple nuts on there and lift from those I guess. I already have a chian and two hooks as an equalizer that came with the lift I got. Mucho expensivo!!! I'll show pics tomorrow hopefully on my page! Thanks guys!