where do u get the adapter to switch 4x10to6x9?nm

Circuit city, best buy,etc...... or any car audio shop. Basically any place that sells car audio components.
crutchfield sells them for $19.95...I'm pretty sure...O...and if you purchase your speakers through them...the'll include them for free!!!!!!!...They are your BEST bet!
the ones that i bought b4 but took back were just an adaptor for the 4 x 10 and not a new hanger
are you refering to the crutchfield one, or Vigor 87 gn's?...The crutchfield one consists of the adapter(2), new fabricated hangers(2), and (2)new clips to be used w/ the hangers, and all the screws and nuts to put your speakers on them...all you need is the speakers!