Where does this go???


Jan 26, 2004
Does anyone know where this ring goes on my 87 GN?


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The other round thing looks like a quarter, it could go in a parking meter, poor box, gumball machine or your pocket.;)
I could think of one more place to put that quarter...your expression would probably look a little like this afterward...:eek:

thanks for the help Quick 6
What do i win??? Do i win the quarter?? I dont want it if your going to use it on Smokin-6 first :eek:


BW :smile:
Is that first pic a different ring? I concur with the oil filter gasket on the big one. The first one might be the gasket for the IAC.
If I'm right do I win a Cookie?

Oil cooler adapter to timing cover seal...
Tollhouse cookie for me if I'm right...:cool:

I recently replace the timing chain and have been piecing everything back together as I get time; however, I haven't been running an oil cooler since I put in an F body radiator. Would I need this if it is the oil cooler adapter to timing cover seal?

btw, all are of the same ring
Little known fix: Put that gasket where the O ring goes (between the oil cooler adapter and timing cover). The gasket will definitely stop the dreaded leak from that area. O rings don't really work there.