Where to buy an axle????


Just a good ole boy...
Jun 6, 2003
Well, I need a new passenger side axle. It doesn't need to be some high performance peice, i have a mostly stock hotair, so I'm sure a stock-quality peice would be fine. I have tried all the national chain auto parts stores with no luck (NAPA, Discount/ADvanced, etc.). They all tell me they dont carry them, and can;t get them. I'm sure I'm not the first GN owner to ever need to replace an axle.... where do you guys get them???? I haven't tried calling a GM dealer yet, does anyone know if they still stock them for the 8.5" 10-bolts? Any suggestions/ideas would be very appreciated... and I'm a college kid here, so needless to say, price is a bit of a concern, but I'll pay what I need to to get an axle. Thanks for ANY help, I really appreciate it.
I have a pair of used axles $50.00 plus shipping. May need to move this to parts wanted, if you are looking for parts.
I was hoping to get a new axle... I figure while I'm replacing it, I might as well go with a new one, so I was really more looking for suggestions on where to get a new axle. If that proves too difficult, I'm not totally averse to going with a used one, in which case I'll give you a PM or something. Thanks!!
Call Summit, or Jeg's. Either one will be able to sell you an axle that replaces the stock axle, and is higher in quality.