Where to buy new/built motor?


ok sorry for starting a new post but i hate having to keep scrolling down when it changes to a new topic but

i want to get a new bottom end/long block

the piston was fried and the driver side bank look toasted as well

it has 140k on it and as far as the crank bearings and cam all that ****

i really dont want to just throw another piston where the bad one was

the motor was pretty fine had good oil pressure the block itsleve is perfect

so should i pay to get a stock rebuild done where they bore it and new pistons and all that **** with arps and good new head gaskets

or should i buy that long block from 68 nasty z i think for around high 3k

but thats a roller setup and ported good heads all that

i just want to do it and not look back but than again i want to get only what is needed and not over kill and not spend an arm and a leg

same time im going to do the trans so its gonna be sitting

can you guys give me some suggestions on my situation and what i should do or what do i need? thank you
I think it would be cheaper to send the block to a good machine shop and verify that the block is usable. Then verify the crank is ok, cam.
Verify the heads are ok - but rebuild them
Buy a set of good pistons/rings - stock are fine

What I mean is, if that block is ok, use it. Don't take another one off the market please.
I'm sure there's a good Jersey machine shop close to you that can do this.
You can sleeve the block probably cheaper than buying a new one. A sleeve done right works great too. I've had a sleeve in mine for 2 years now:)
they said it didnt need ot be sleeved bored .30 over with over sized stock pistons and good rings new bearings cut the crank and all that

rebuild the heads

now thats 2100

than figure that other engine is around 3

i just want the best deal and not have to open it up twice

as far as bringing him my own parts

can i put the motor in with the heads attached? and do the studs

and what head gaskets should i give him?