Where to buy Show quality sun visors?

The way I got to the closest "show quality" sunviors was I bought a set on eBay, with the material in OK condition. But the passenger side with the lighted mirror sagged and came apart during shipping.
I sent it to Jaxx Seat Covering for a recovering job......it came back just gorgeous! I mean they did a crack job on it... and it matches the driver's side perfect (at least by my eyes)

I don't think Jaxx is back up for business as they are in the process of moving and setting up, but, short of paying a fortune for a NOS set, this seems your best bet if you can wait. I was more than happy with the job Jaxx did on my sunvisor.....they sure know what they are doing!

Bruce '87 Grand National
I may be wrong, but I "think" it was about $35.00 for one visor, plus about $12 shipping. Around that much. I only had to do one visor as the other one was OK.

My visor was the one with the lighted mirror. These guys did a great job. The price of doing one may have changed. I think I had mine done sometimes early last year. Hope this helps.

Bruce '87 Grand National
You're welcome. If you need Jaxx address and phone no. let me know and I'll look it up and post it here for you.

Bruce '87 Grand National

I live in Northern Illinois and there is a place up here that I have purchased a lot of stuff from called Highway Stars.com. If you are looking for quality then this is a place to try out. They are customer friendly and I think they specialize in the specific materials used in our cars. I have been to his shop/store. It's like a Grand National museum in my own backyard.

Here is a link to the Visors:

Visor w/Passenger side Mirror (1 pair)

Hope this helps out.
Busyman :cool:
Yeah, Highway Stars....the folks that own the place is Glenn and his wife Leslie, both very knowledgeable and nice people. He sells top quality stuff and cares so much about his customers it makes me misty eyed!

The mirror visor shown is real nice....just wish he sold the lighted mirror passenger visor.....that one is very hard to find in mint shape, and when it is found in that shape it costs a lot. I was lucky to get one in bad shape but Jax Seat Covers came to my rescue.

Bruce '87 Grand National