Where to find Delco Electronics BCM compatible cars? (Regal LS 97 3.8L)


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Jan 31, 2019

I'm trying to determine if Delco Electronics BCM 16265591 works in Regal 97 3.8L VIN K V6?
Does Delco Electronics have a site?
Is it the same company as ACDELCO?
parts-catalog.acdelco.com doesn't show anything on 16265591 search.

Rockauto lists both BCM 16265591 and 16206864 for Regal 97.
There's Delco Electronics 16206864 in my car, but they both look identical based on the photos on ebay, and there's plenty of much cheaper Delco Electronics 16265591 on ebay (and way more listings with 16265591).

Is there a reliable source to check what cars BCM 16265591 part # is for or if its good for Regal 97 3.8L VIN K?
Could it depend on specific primary computer ECM or be specific for engine size?
There might be 3.1L cars with very similar name, not sure about it.

ACDELCO site gives only Part# 19244877 BCM.
Anybody has BCM 16265591 in Regal 97 3.8L VIN K?

Rockauto lists CARDONE 735591 (with OE # 16265591) and CARDONE 735592 (with OE # 16206864) for this same car, which makes it even more confusing. Again photos look identical.

Thank you!