Where to hook up the other end of the Extender's D11 wire on column shift car??


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May 26, 2001
The instructions show me hooking up the other end of the Extender wire's D11 connector to the white wire of the radio light (column shift). I can only get about 1" of the wire exposed when the bulb assembly is removed from it's connection and pulled out as far as possible...none of the wire is exposed when the bulb/connection is hooked up...which means I can't hook up the splice connector here.

Any advice??

Thanks, Bob
You could:

1) Extend the length of the wire with a butt splice connector, etc. so you could make it long enough to hook up there.

2) Hook it to any wire that only has power when you turn the park lights on.

3) Make a toggle switch that has power to one side when turned on, and flip the toggle switch to change cell numbers instead of turning on the park lights.

4) Come up with some other ingenious way to activate a 12 volt source when you want to change cell numbers. (ie hook it to a source like the brake lights and push and hold the brake pedal when you need that wire active to change cells.