Which Bumper Fillers do you all recommend?

Missouri T

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Hey folks,

I'm going to replace my front AND rear bumper fillers.
ABS plastic scares me......are they any good?

Fiberglass is VERY tempting.
GBodyParts.com has some nice-looking ones.

I'm open to other suggestions....Ebay sellers? Other?

I'm not a tightwad but I can't justify paying for mega-$$$ ones, either. ;)

Thanks for any and all input.

I bought the Fiberglass fillers from Danko reproductions. They sell them on ebay or you can buy them direct.. When you order them be sure you get a set from the Jacksonville FL molds. Those produce a much better quality smother fiberglass casting. There is a big difference... Hope this helps.
I had a set on my '87 that were original and out of all four of them, only one had a hairline crack after 18 years. Now granted, It was garage kept. My other TR, also an '87, has the fiberglass one installed. Look good but I will need to adjust the bumpers so they don't rub. I didn't install them, the car came that way, so I do not know what all is involved. Price would dictate which ones I would buy.
Fiber glass all the way around get them right on install and they will last and last and last.
2 sets of oem fronts and the fiber rear stil going strong. Instead of buying m 3 rd set of oem fronts I just put on fiber fronts and are on all 4 corners.
Thanks a million for all the responses, folks.
MUCH appreciated!

BWeavy you have an awesome website.....I could stare at it for HOURS!