Which gasket ??


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Sooooo, fixed one leak by changing out the power steering pump, and yet another by installing a new pinion seal...... And found more danged leaks. Friggn' valve cover gaskets.
So... What brand? FelPro rubber maybe? My mechanic says that FelPro makes a rubber valve cover gasket with a "solid" ( metal?" ) core. Anybody ever heard of those? Or is just plain rubber ok??
Cork gaskets have always worked great for me. I would use RTV to seal them to the valve cover. They would last a few years but that would be depending on how many times i removed and reinstalled them.

You just have to make sure everything is clean and oil free and dry before installing them. And most important do not over tighten them when installing them. The torque specs are low if you want to use a torque wrench. I just just use a ratchet and socket and just snug them up and never had them leak ever.
FelPro cork gaskets always worked well on stock heads, no so much on GN1's. They hold a lot more oil at the lower lip and it always leaks through the cork. The steel reinforced rubber is best for GN1's, but they can only be used once from my experience.
I glued a plain ole set of parts store FelPro corks to my VC's back in 98' and they worked without leaking up until I replaced them less than a year ago. The only reason I replaced them is because the shops high pressure dishwasher blasted the cork to bits.

Since the gasket surface on our heads are rough cast, they require a gasket that can conform to the regular surface texture. Seems like I had to tighten mine down about 3 times for them to 'take a set' and be married to the surface.
Thanks much for the tips /advice. Ordered a set of the FelPro perma dry. Gonna see how they work.