which hobbs switch?


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Oct 1, 2003
I was at NAPA and they have a hobbs switch that turns on a 4psi, and one for 10psi. Apparently these are adjustable. (?) I want a turn on point of 6-7psi for my turbo mustang. Which switch do I use, and how far is the adjustability range? This is a budget project, so progressive controllers are out. Thanks.:cool:
Funny, I was just on the Hobbs website:


According to them, the 4 psi can go 3.1 - 7psi and the 10 psi can go 8 - 13 psi.

I'll bet the 4 will go to 8 and will probably cover you. I've messed with these quite a bit and they have a pretty good range of adjustment.

They like air and gas but not alky or water, or so it seems. Still trying to get a definite answer from them on that.
It's a boost switch.

You only put air into them.

No reason to pump alky. or water into them... :confused:
Yeah, I know that was SpooledStang's question, but it sounded like he hadn't used a Hobbs before and there are applications where pressure switches do see alcohol so I was just trying to give him some extra info.

Last I checked all of SMC's kits have an alky compatible electric pressure switch that turns on the alky light on the SMC controller at about 30 psi.

SMC's switch has a much wider range of adjustment than the Hobbs, but isn't as precise as the Hobbs as far as what psi it goes on and off.

As far as I know this is the only Alky compatible electric pressure switch at a reasonable price.

In my case, I'm using NOS with Alky enrichment and I want to use something to kill the NOS if the Alky pressure drops off for some reason.

Initially I didn't want to just use a pressure switch set at 30 psi to allow the NOS to flow because the alky uses a boost referenced pressure regulator that I was planning to start out around 15 psi and I wanted to bring in the NOS at low boost to spool the turbo...it gets complicated.
Hobbs Update

OK, have fun!

BTW: Got an answer from Hobbs and their switches ARE Alky compatible:

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The o ring and diaphragm are compatible with alcohol.

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Dear Hobbs Engineering,

Can you tell me if the Hobbs pressure switches sold thru Napa stores can handle alcohol as the pressurized fluid??

If not, what can I do??


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