Which kit to buy????


Sep 9, 2004
Could you guys please give me the pro's and con's of each of the suppliers products. I will be running the stock mass air flow sensor. Thank you very much. :)
actually about a month ago i was more or less in your same situation... i had come to the conclusion that i needed to smooth out my combustion in the pursuit of more power. smoother combustion allowing more boost, more timing, less heat.

being semi retired, but a full time speed freak, i spent more time than i would care to admit to cruising the wonderful resource we call the web.

my conclusion after reading all the white papers on theory and visiting all the vendor sites was that:

this is the best site as far as info on auxiliary injection on the web. 60 pages!!!!! everything you need to know is right here or linked to this site.

if you do invest a number of hours reading through the 60 pages you will probably come to the same conclusion i did...

i value,most of all, people who have actually DONE IT. you go to the track and you learn. the more you go to the track the more you learn.

i have a significant investment of time and money in my piece and i don't want to be someone's initial Lab experiment. i want a partner who has been in the game successfully for a long time.

when you Tune Up for alcohol you are betting your motor and talk is cheap. there is a new progressive controller, actually 2, on the market. it looks nice from the description. do i want to bet my motor on it? no.

as i said, this forum is where it's at as far as AI knowledge. i really recommend you read the whole enchilada and your choice will be a non issue.

good luck,

howard coleman
i jumped on a kit about two years ago , i read everything that goes on the boards and nothing I've read to date has made me wish i had chosen something else .
Im just glad i didnt procrastinate about it because ive been having fun since then and shutting down a lot of other brands at the track
160 passes this year alone and not one mechanical failure