Which one is the REAL Art Carr?


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Dec 15, 2002
Ok, I talked to both the California one and the Texas one and the Texas one seemed to be the real one.

So, which one is the REAL Art Carr??

I am inquiring about a custom torque converter and want the real deal, no wannabies.
The name is the only thing the same from what I've heard. The real Art Carr, himself is something like Southern California Performance Automatics...someone can verify or correct. :smile:
The Man, the "Real Art Carr"

Is in Southern California doing business as California Performance Transmissions.
End of story.

Mike, If you want the "real deal" tell him you want a P/N 19930 with an "N" stall.
Actually Scott, I wish it was for the GN, but its not.

Wow, from talking to the guy in Texas, he had a great story and even said they were in litigation over it etc.

What the hell really happened, why would he change to California Performance Automatics when he has spent years building a brand name like Art Carr??

Thanks for the heads up, if I did not ask here I would of probably of gone with the Texas guys, he's good at acting. :eek: :mad:
My guess would be that at one time he sold the business, complete with the original name, and then later started up again, but the other owner refused to give up the name or his business. Just a guess, though.