which pypes system to get


Brian Roman
:confused: on which system to get. do i get the race or the violator? they both flow the same cfm but the race pro is super quiet at idle. the violator is alot louder. does anyone have violator sound clips on a gn? just purchased new ta stock replacement headers and would like to replace my old hooker system. thanks
No audio clips, but I can tell you that the race pro's have a nice deep sound. Never heard the violater. I bought the whole cat back system, SGG50R.
The Race Pro sounds good. The drone is near null, and flow very well-I have had several compliments on the way they sound. The violators are obnoxious, reminds me of SLP Loud Mouths, a friend had a set on his Rustang. We teased him so much he changed them :D so if you want a set of those he might still have them for cheap :wink:. Get the Race Pros, I doubt you will be disappointed. Just remember to follow the install instruction that will be hidden in the hat. Start at the rear and work your way forward or you will get frustrated with trying to get everything to fit.
I've had the pypes system with race pros for a few months. Very quiet until you get on it.no drone. The instructions aren't very good. But yes start from the back and make everything fit. Very frustrating since there are no reference points on the instructions. But a great system for the money.
i got the racepros, love them. little to no drone sounds awesome to me. really lets you hear the turbo spool up :) and it is easy to install
Sweet, can't wait. Gotta take a custom measurement, so that I can get gbodyparts to make me a test pipe. :)
The race pros came from summit in one day. I was like woah.
^ I agree.... we want a video/sound clip when it's done.

I'm thinking of getting rid of my Hooker Aerochamber in favor of a Race-Pro, but would like to hear one before making the switch.

My Hooker sounds bada$$, but the 1,800-2,200 drone kinda sucks.
I like the Pypes SGG50R kit. They are not loud mufflers and get the race pro's. There is some drown around 2200 rpm, but not that much.
I have the Stainless Pypes with Race Pro mufflers and they are great. Can still have a conversation with the T tops out unless the whistle from the other end drowns the wife out. She normally stops talking at that point anyway. :) Seriously I am very happy with it, very little drone.