which turbine wheel?

I was told this turbo was a P-trim, but I dont recall them sticking out of the housing. any ideas? its a turbonetics 70mmBB.


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Turbonetics new "p-trim" is a F1-65mm. Same as the Precision 6765 or 6265 trim exhaust wheels. The larger S-trim will not fit in that housing.


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Here is a pic of my S-trim 66 Turbonetics. Yours looks like a P-trim in a .63 housing to me. When I had my p-trim bb70 the wheel did not stick out past the housing, but I had a .85 exhaust.

An old p trim has 11 blades and does not stick out. The new 65 (f1) p trim has 10 blades, I do not know if it sticks out, I don't think it does.
WSLN 6, yours is a F1-68 Turbonetics calls it an S-trim, Precision calls it HPQ
Its a 65 trim not a 68 or 80 and definitley not a 76.
Ya, I had an older P-trim, there is a lot less "sealing meat" on the edge of the housing with a P-trim as you can see in the pictures.