Which Valve Springs Comp 212/212 FT


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Jun 17, 2010
Ive been searching this to death and havnt been able to find a clear answer. My car has a comp 212/212 flat tappet camshaft with stock springs and ive been reading i need a stiffer VS for my combo. So what do you GN gurus recommend for me? kirbans? lt1? ls1? I really appreciate any advice and knowledge you can grant me.


Also, my goal for the car is to have a low 11 sec daily driver if that is relevant to spring selection.
Do you float the valves? If not you don't need new springs. What kind of RPM are you turning? Weather people believe it or not there are more flat tappet cams wiped from TO heavy of springs on break in than anything. As far as LT-1 springs are concerned they can keep them, Iv'e seen those things ALL over the place even when brand new.
not for sure on the RPMs sorry. the motor had 5k miles on it (i put the last 1,000 on it cruising) when the crank snapped and trashed the block. so the cam+lifters have 5k on them with stock springs. Motor is getting rebuilt right now
cups or no cups? anything else different needed for the swap?

thanks for the replies so far guys, it is greaty appreciated.