White smoke!


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I have almost had it with this GN. I just had a rebuilt engine put in the car along with a turbo. This thing still smokes. Could it be unburned fuel? I am running 40 lbs of boost with 50 lb injectors.
The car only smokes when I first start it or rev it high. Not much at all when I rev it high. It is a whiteish blue smoke (more white than blue). Or is it my rings? Any help please.

White smoke that ISN'T steam from coolant is usually oil getting burned in the exhaust pipe, and in these cars it's usually because the turbo is leaking oil!

(oil burned in the cylinder during combustion is blue)

and, I've had TWO turbo's leak oil right out of the box...
40lbs of boost!?!?!? Just how high are you revving it? How much of a break-in did you do?

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Yea it pulls like mad! Woops 40psi of fuel pressure. Anyway I bought this turbo from my cousin and it was on his car and didnt smoke a bit. So I am pretty sure it isnt the turbo. It doesnt smell like oil it has more of a burnt smell to it.
I am still at a loss myself. I have been told that its probably my rings. I put $3000 into this engine and really have no desire to open it back up. Its very embarrassing starting this thing up with a cloud of smoke erupting from what is supposed to be such a bada$$ car. Maybe I will just keep telling myself its the turbo and just keep replacing them. :-) Good luck.
lrover2, how many miles are on the motor? I've often heard of new motors smoking during break-in & then they quit once the rings were sealed. I believe Louie Lopez had his motor burning a little oil & smoking until he had about 200 miles on it.

Go For 1, are you saying that you did do a compression check & it looked good? If so, maybe a leakdown test would be a good idea. I would suggest you get the leaking turbo fixed before it fills up the intercooler & intake with oil.

I've been told that whenever white smoke is evident, a coolant pressure check is recommended. Check the intake for leaks as well. HTH
Can the plugs tell you if a headgasket is blown? What color would the plugs be?
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Can the plugs tell you if a headgasket is blown? What color would the plugs be?

shinney but dark all i have seen ...they look wet since there is incomplete combustion with blown head gasket.
The engine had about two hundred miles on it before it went into my car. I have since put about 600 on it. I did have a bad turbo about 3 weeks ago. I replaced the turbo and have flushed the intercooler out but the smoke is still heavy. Maybe I could tell something from the plugs. I will pull one out tomorrow.