Who is this? BTW your my f'ing hero!

Ralph where are you??

Wait till you all hear the whole story! Yes he will be my official test driver when my corner carver is done! You have to ask him about the ZO6 on the way home from the track too!
Pretty neat! You will shortly see another T-Type on an autocross and the road course at VIR here shortly! But this car will be white!! ;)

After BG, goes on the BAER T4 Set up with 13'' rotors and 4-piston calipers!! Front & Rear!! :biggrin:

Nice to see someone else trying something different..

Scot W.
Sorry for the poor quality video however if you could see it first hand, smoke coming out of the front wheels (stock brakes) and he was fish tailing quite a bit. He knows his car! 400 treadwear 215/65/15 tires too....... Car with the camera was a BMW 2002.
Well, it had 336,000 on the unopened stock block at the beginning of the year. :)

This must be a diesal motor with all them miles. lol:biggrin:

MORE DETAIL SPECS ON THIS CAR! Most of us are scared to make a 12-9 sec pass in the 1/4 mile, and this guy has the nerve to beat the ish out of his car for lord knows how many laps/minutes. HE MUST BE CRAZY. lol:D
Ralph is an awesome driver. A few years back we took a roadtrip on hwy 36 which is 150 miles or so of twisties. I was in my E36 M3 and he was in the Buick, at the time I had no idea of his driving abilities. After a few rapid corners I was sliding my car everywhere, I looked back and he was right on my bumper. To say i was shocked would be an understatement. He has driving abilities way beyond many and he enjoys his car to the hilt, over 300,000 miles and only had a timing chain done, unreal!

Everytime I said I wanted to drive the M3 over the Buick he would always say "Wuss". Funny enough I sold the M3, but still have my Buick.


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I remember reading about you guys talking about this trip before you went on it but I'd never heard after you went on it. Too cool! Thanks for sharing that Scott. Ralph is one hell of a driver :cool:
I remember reading about you guys talking about this trip before you went on it but I'd never heard after you went on it. Too cool! Thanks for sharing that Scott. Ralph is one hell of a driver :cool:

Ya, we talked about doing it again but never managed to make it happen. We had a real blast. My Fog lights were hanging out of the facia by the wires when we stopped for dinner...

All those people on the nature trails and admiring the scenery looking at their wilderness books and we were tearing thru there. I think I have a few video's. Was really hard to tape and shift though.

YouTube - Hwy 36 run 069.mpg

Ralph's Car

Ralph's a good friend so i hope I can speak for him. It has a TE60, Precision FM,
CAS, FP, #60 I think?? and the original VALVESPRINGS!!! NO lie :eek: :eek: I am going to swap them out for him by middle of May whether he wants to or NOT ! We have a club dyno day coming up and I would love to see what this thing will make still :rolleyes: OH and he is the original owner and drives it at least once a week. He said something about it being a good idea to keep the tires ROUND ??
It has a TE60...

Close. :) TE44, and yes the injectors are now 60s but I don't know if they were in at the time of that video. He had 38s before the 60s.

He also has ATR 2.5" duals, T+/3", and a PTS (Sacramento) rebuilt trans with a 9/11.
Finally having time to answer.....

The engine mods on the GN when the Infineon video was taken were: TE-44, 33# injectors, Deep Sump fully baffled oil pan, Acufab plenum w/RJC power Plate, 62mm T-body, PTE FMIC, Dual Spal fans, 9/11 TC. I didn't have the PTS trans in at that time.

Suspension mods were: Poly body bushings & poly motor/trans mounts, Monte Carlo & under hood braces, rear frame brace, Kenne-Bell brace behind rear seat, stock front control arms w/poly bushings, boxed upper rear control arms, Southside lower rear control arms.

I've done more tweaking since then, but as Jerry mentioned earler the motor still has the original valve springs at 337,000+ miles.