Who is this? BTW your my f'ing hero!

this clarifies everything, our t/rs are like a bat outta hell in the strait aways but are like obese ballerinas in the tight maneuvers :biggrin:
hello people; I also thought the Regal did dam good. But I wonder if any has put a srandard in one. It probably would make a differance on a road course.
Thats was pretty sweet! I'm amazed at how the Buick took off on the straightaways as compared to the other car. Jesus, our cars are fast in a straight line! Glad to see someone taking their cars out there and runny the road course. It looked to me that the GN was covered in brake dust towards the end of that video. Anybody else notice that?
Pretty cool to see somebody tearing up the twisties in a TR!:cool: Whoever was driving sure looked like they had done it before.

Thanks for sharing.:)
To see a buick on and off the gas hard for an extended period of time without blowing up is sweet! Must have been a LS motor. lol :tongue:
Ralph FTW, the car has a more aggressive wheel and brake package now.
I will let him go into the details. Oh, and his car has been enjoyed more than most.