who know the arp heads bolt # for tta


hi , i try to find the parts # for the arp heads bolt for my tta ! somebody can help me whit thats :) thanks bob
I prefer studs

Not easy to install studs on a TTA----If you decide to go with studs--I have the 3 different lengths you will need. ARP will be of no help--or were not when I called.
the motor is on the banch right now :) so it's the same right now to instal studs or bolt ! i prefert studs too if you have the right lengths for the tta go aheads i appreciate thanks :biggrin:
I used ARP bolts on my engine for maximum strenght. The problem you end up with is the head of the bolts interfere with the exhaust manifolds. I didn't want to leave out the washers (which would screw up the ability to torque them down properly) and I didn't want to grind on the bolt head (which could compromise the strength of the bolt). So we ended up counter sinking the bolt by machining the head to drop the bolt down and out of the way. No field testing yet but looks to me like it will work!