who knows a good cam for emissions

the wrath

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Sep 29, 2002
hi guys i am about to put a new timing chain and timing cover in my new motor i wanted to know is there a good one i can use that will help the turbo spool up better and i can pass emissions i have a stock motor 30 pound injectors k and n cone filter
a cam is not really gunna help you with out some supporting cast... IE heads, larger injectors, bigger turbo. these cars dont really need a cam to be fast and make HP.

save your cash and get either tuning stuff (SM, turbolink DS) or suspention stuff.

IMO leave the stock cam in.

There are several chip burners out there that are willing to burn an "emmissions chip" for you. Put in the chip, turn down the fuel and cruise right through.
Build no boost with chips tho, you'll regret it.