Who likes this type of music?

Yup, just you. Pack your bags for a trip to san fran! :eek:
O.K. I used to listen to it when I was body building (SEVERAL years ago) and some of it is o.k. :cool:
Norbs, i remember driving by a bar downtown called Sailer, they probably play that all night and you could probably get a few free drinks bought for you too! :D
And its closer then San Fransisco!
I coined a new term for that

its called Laser Music

make sure you call any kind of techno laser music
I'll back you up Norbs. I listen to Techno (Mostly Trance though). I liked Everytime We Touch the first two times I heard it, then it got over played really quick.

Thanks for the link.
I dig it for nostalgic purposes. I cant listen to it for a long time now cause it just doesnt stand the test of time. But ya, there were some good ones. Especially 93-96
Heard it in 1985 in a club in Zermat Switzerland on my honeymoon. Didn't care for it then, don't now.
Everyone has there own taste. Just wondered what a other buick owners listen to.