Who sells A/C lines???

Gbody has them for $175. I don't know if it's something that can be welded, but a while back I cracked one of my A/C lines. Called up a buddy of mine that can weld anything and he had me fixed up in about 10 minutes.

Good luck
What's your issue, the plug or A/C lines, or both? Regarding the more serious of the two, how far off did you break the plug? If it's sheared off in the head, you are probably gonna have to use a plug extracter,or worse,pull the head.
Regarding the A/C lines, the whole assembly is easily available online,or more likely from your local parts warehouse. The come in natural aluminum,so you might want to paint it. Good luck with your repairs.
They are still available from your local GM dealer but they will be aluminum colored as the black ones went away long ago.
If you are talking of the ones that cross the radiator hold-down, I have nice used set. $75 plus shipping.