who to machine T/A oncenter block


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I have had head and intake porting completed by Chris Hogeland and i was very very pleased with his work. I wouldn`t hesitate sending anything buick to him as prides himself in his workmanship. He`s in Alabama so not too far from NY compared to Kenny.



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I use a local guy. If Kenny were local I would use him too.
I know Kenny isn't local, but he only charges about $2,000 for a basic 109 build that includes all the machine work, balancing of the rotating assembly, gaskets, and bearings.

For other builds he just adds on by the hour required for the work, and I believe his shop rate is something like $80 or $90/hr.

Compared to what a lot of other engine builders charge, I would say that Duttweiler is still WAY more affordable, even including the shipping costs.


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I can now actually answer this post from personal experience...

Duttweiler is machining an On center block for me that I just bought from him with the intention of selling. He said on most TA blocks it took anywhere from $400-$500 or more to completely prep and deburr the block so that it would be ready to run.

For anyone looking, this On center is for sale,too ;) and already has all the finish machine work done to it ;)

$4,000 plus shipping :D
also can anyone tell me if the alum block will need to be clearanced to fit my crower 6.00 rods with a 3.625 crank before I try to mock it up? also what about cam clearance with the crower rods?