Who wants to buy a 2019 COPO Camaro?


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I received an email from GM this morning. I won the opportunity to buy a copo. Only 69 will be built. Retail $125k for supercharged version. Tack on sales tax and an extra $5k for me. Only 72 hours to make a decision. You can pick the engine and color! Once in a lifetime opportunity!
If I had the coin I'ld get one. They will only go up in value.
:devil: haha
it is tempting but its all about what you really want
what makes you truly happy and excited to drive and rub on everyday :love:
Problem with the COPO is they can never be driven on the street (legally). Track only.. No VIN's.. Can't be registered..
I follow them and they are very impressive. If you plan on racing it and being competitive you will spend another $150 k:eek: