Who wants to help a noob? Wanting to learn... Biggest turbo option on stock motor?

You have most of the parts you need to get you to your goal. Please call me at 321-722-1563 office or 321-863-2303 cell and we can figure out what you have going on.
My setup (in my sig) with a smaller turbo ran a best of 11.22 with slicks....haven't had it to the track with the new turbo tho. Stock motor except some minor head porting.
From the video it sounds like you have some exhaust leaks and an engine miss. (or is that just the microphone on the camera?)
^^Not sure. I haven't noticed anything in person but next weekend I'm putting it on a lift and going over it with a fine tooth comb so I'll check it out...
Just go with a old school 44 or 49 turbo with Alky kit. Sounds like you have the rest of supporting mods already. With these mods you will not have any problem walking by that SS or most mustangs on the street. I went from a stock turbo to a TE-44 turbo , Alky kit, race rebuild transmission
from janis, and a 2800 ptc lock up 10" converter and felt like the car picked up 150 hp. Good luck and have fun with it!!!
This thing got WALKED on the highway by my friend with a 2002 SS with just an exhaust... SO, here's what the car has...

just a alky kit will fix that...easy
Bring it out to Temecula next weekend we can have a look at it and you can check out parts on cars already too.
With 100,000 miles on the motor, I would consider a timing chain and valve springs. Im a big fan of beehive springs they work really well. You could certainly go to a bigger turbo, you may need injectors to match. Alky control will help big time. And then I would consider one of Dusty Bradfords street converters. You will need a different chip once you change turbos and injectors.
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