Whoa cuz, I betch you he was goin ova HANRED!


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Nov 9, 2001
Ah, something like that.
Any way I'm not suppose to post anything diragatory or flamboyant so all I can say is.......

Riddle me this, riddle me that........I swear I seen Batman's car pull an 8 second run last night.

Yep. The bar has been raised............:cool:

"I guarantee you cuz, dey was doing ovah hunred" :D:D
Batman's identity remains a secret... :D

Suffice to say: There's a new Sheriff in town. :cool:
Now I'm really confused...

Black car, I got....

Fights crime?.... dont know
I'm pretty sure I know who Bat man is;) Congrat's on his new best time!!!! What were the stats? 60 ft, MPH, ET

I better put a TT instead of a ST. !!!!!:eek: