Who's run this cam....


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I recently picked up an 86 T-Type with a blown motor. I have rebuilt motor sitting in the garage with an old Full Throttle 224/224 cam in it but never got the chance to run it. I know the cam gives up some bottom end and I'm worried it will hurt spool up.

Anybody have any experience with this cam?

Ive built 2 separate engines with that cam in it. It really depends on what your supporting mods are, whether or not youre going to like it.

I had Champion heads, port matched intake, 70mm TB and plenum, 3500 stall, front mount, in one of the cars and that cam rocked!

What else are your plans for that engine?
Yeah, it depends. I had one in mine (224-224, but not from FTS), and I liked it except I think it needed more lobe separation angle. But it was in a motor with good heads and all the mid nine second stuff, and it was a higher RPM motor. I put on in a stroker with race port GN1 heads and it drives great and makes good power. But on a mild streeter you would be happier with a smaller cam.
The engine's got ported heads (1.77/1.50), ported intake, 2 billet caps, stock TB and plenum. Stock headers (cleaned up) 3 or 3.5 inch DP (still deciding).

I'm looking at the PTE 6265 turbo. Plan on running alky on the street and alky race gas 30 or more PSI at the track.

I have a Pro TQ converter laying around but I'm thinking it won't stall high enough. I did get 1.55 60' out of it (11.6 at 117) with stock suspension (no front sway bar) with a 20 PSI E-brake launch on 28x10 slicks. lol That was on a 100K mile stock long block with a T63e, 3" DP, 55lbers and Max Effort chip (running full rich on race gas).

Basically looking to run mid to low 10s at 130+ MPH.