Who's still around and active?

I used to daily drive an 87 GN about 11 years ago and post under the name Ledzeppac... sold it in 2008... glad to see I'm memorialized in some of the stickies above. I was 22 and enjoyed keeping everyone young! My GN had some hidden demons that nobody could figure out.... I had 8-12 knock under any boost and we couldn't find a fix so I drove a 16's capable car.

I want to get back on the team but nearly had a heart attack when I saw the prices on Ebay... Do I really need to spend $20-30k?

I see there is a good group of active SoCal GN guys on Facebook.....

We had a fun group...Who's still around?

Neal Steward in San Diego with a stage 2. He helped me a lot and I appreciated his time and effort.
Morgan Hayden from Yorba Linda.. 1st GN owner I ever met.. I should have bought his 10.9 GN when I had the chance.
Lou? He hated me... or maybe he hated me car and took it out on me...
Gary Wells
Reggie West

Anyone else still around from a decade ago?
Anybody remember Charlie "CarlsbadGN"? Charlie was a "Road Law Dog" (retired ex-CHP). He was the person who brought a beautiful, extreme low mileage with a crunched front end fender which he said happened on the way to the show. Generally parked in the 2nd row about mid way down at Bates.
Here's another good one from the Donut Derelicts taken around January 2006 (yikes, so long ago). I'm in the tan shorts second to last..

Really glad to see that the SoCal community is still strong. Is anyone planning on going to The Great Labor Day Cruise? https://thelabordaycruise.org/ I'll be camping there the entire weekend.

I'm not in a position to buy just right now... I have the money but not the 2 car garage. When I do buy I would prefer to buy a known car from the group that's 10's capable or I get it there quickly.

I'll keep an eye out for the next event and try to attend.


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I'm not on here as much as I used to. I don't think anyone is. There is still no replacement for this site, if you need to do a search and find the answer for your car related questions. FB has taken most of the chit-chat and drama from this place.
I quit the farm animal fantasy thing....I was always getting stuck with either the one w/ the runny nose, or burrs in her tail.:eek:
I'm sure you can relate to that!
As for Joe Bitem...The world won't exist long enough, for me to even speak to that shitbag….