whurring whine sound on deleration?


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Jun 16, 2001
Ok guys I was coming back from a 60 mile trip today when getting close to my house there was an awful whine coming from either the tranny or rear end. It only happens on decel and with out any throttle if I touch the throttle it goes away completly, if I let out it makes the noise. The tranny is new and it has about 400 miles on it now and shifts awesome. Nothing seems to have been affected shift wise or anything, does this sound like something let go in the rear end? I'd much rather it be the rear lol
I'd have to say it sounds like you're getting play in your rear end...As long the gears are OK I'm pretty sure all new bearings will fix you up...I have no idea how to setup a rear end I just know if the gear pattern isn't right it won't last long.
yep your right , i just got under the car to check the rear end fluid level and it was leaking out if the front pinion seal on the rear end. I'm just relieved its not the tranny. Thanks man
hey if you're low on fluid you MIGHT be able to fill'er back up and be OK...Hopefully you caught it in time to save it.
The nut that holds the driveshaft yoke on your pinion probably backed of. Go under the car and try to see if you have ANY up and down play in the yoke. If you do, unbolt the driveshaft and remove the nut. Then clean the threads in the nut and the shaft. Use red locktite and reassemble it. If it has only been whining for the last 60 miles, you probably didn't do too much damage that you will need a rebuild. If you keep driving it, the gears WILL break, and the pinion will likely start the score the posi unit.
I am not able to check since I'm back at school now , but I'm also not sure on how long it had been doing it. i don't want to take a chance and I think I'm gonna go ahead and do it this weekend, I have the press and all the tools required so we'll see what happens. It is a brand new posi and gears, along with moser 28 spline axles. Hopefully it won't have too much damage.:)
Hey JDSfastGN, I just noticed how similiar your combo is to mine. How much boost do you run with pump gas? Do you use alky? I can't keep the boost below 18 lbs with this deltagate wide open. I get KR with 93 octane. Using 5 gal xylene in the tank works great, but is getting costly. I'm curious to see what fuel/boost you're running with that similair combo. By the way, did you tighten your pinion nut?