why do people pay more for stuff on ebay?

That's not too bad. Two years ago sold a KB Big Boy intercooler kit in used condition worth maybe $400-500, on ebay it fetched $815. I almost felt bad. Tried to sell it here for two weeks prior to resorting to ebay. I'm not sure why people do it, maybe they get caught up in the bidding. Some people can't be oudone by someone else. Ebay has lots of traffic, with more traffic comes more fools.
My first Trans Am was an 87 With a Carbed LG4... Yeah a dog, but it looked GREAT (new paint) and was running good with tons of extras (full Alpine Competition Stereo, suspension parts, all brand new). Around here I couldnt GIVE the car away, I had over $10k into it, and all I wanted was $5k. Over 2 months I got screwed around with it, and Couldnt sell it... Finally I went ebay, 1 week later the car is gone, $5k is in my pocket, and the new owner is a Trans Am fanatic who takes great care of it. Worked for me!!
I'll never understand e-bay----seems like everything i have to sell,it goes below value.Everything i want to buy--it goes for value++-----with the exception of the biggest purchase i have made on there----which is the truck i use as a daily driver.I purchased the truck 2 years ago---it is still worth what i paid for it 2 years ago.Total money spent on that ruck so far(besides oil changes)---has been a battery----best purchase(of a vehicle)--that i have ever made.

When I went to the ME-R I tried to sell my polished MAF pipe on here for $35 bucks and couldn't get a nibble. I think I paid $59 Put it on ebay and it sold for a smooth $120. Twice what I paid for it. I kinda felt bad but only started the auction at $20

Incidentlaly I found my 99 Trans Am on ebay and got a KILLLLLER deal on it... But since the seller was a dealership I just emailed him from outside and made an offer for him to pull it off ebay.. They bit and pulled the auction, I bought the car for their reserve price of only $9800!
WTH is up with some of the cars???

A 90's SL560, with less than 90K miles for $1500!?!?! Description said it was is great shape and going by the picture, the car looked new!
For my one and only to date Ebay auction, I bought a safe worth about $10,000 for only $470!

How safe is a safe with more than than the manufacturer and the owner knowing the combination!!!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't resist!

Now that I think about it, I'll be sure to keep the previous owners of my safe in mind if and when my safe gets broken into!!!!!!:) Drew
Have the combo changed. Then the only other that knows is the locksmith and they can crack a safe even without knowing.