Why no 1982 or 1984 GMP Grand National?


Dec 30, 2002
I wonder why out of all the colors and models they did why they would not do an 82 or an 84? I think the 84 would be awesome! Or even a sunroof or t top version? in the 1/18" or 1/24". I have seen an American Muscle or ERTL t top monte carlo ss? How can we get one done?
I've always wanted a t-top version of the 87. I also would like to see the 82(?) Indy Pace car version, with the convertible top and roll bar. Its my understanding when GMP went under and re-emerged as ACME Trading, the Turbo Buick mold went under with GMP. Not sure exactly how and why, but heard the mold is essentially gone. It would be nice for someone to make up another mold and put out some other versions.
Yeah, the story I read was that GMP's bank failed and along with it went their line of credit and that essentially locked their doors...literally. Whoever took the bank over essentially took control of GMP's assets, including things like molds. As I read it, it was a really screwy situation. Scary too if you're a small business owner. It's a shame because it was a great casting and I'd love to see a t-top version myself too.
T-Tops or sunroof was never going to happen due to the cost restriction of reworking the mold. In order for it to be done in a quality way, it was way too expensive. Even if you did it, you'd of had a car with non opening doors or trunk with an expensive t-top. It didn't make sense. The reason an 84 was never done that it was essentially identical to the 85 in a model. If you'd like to see an 84 produced, np, just by the 85 and throw the box away. The zero performance 82 was also a cost issue for all the parts that needed to be made for a model that all, except the hardcore Buick guys, would ignore. It is a cool part of Buick history, but it doesn't really cause the enthusiasm and 86 or 87 does.
? American Muscle makes the 85 monte ss with removable t-tops? Also yes the 84 is identical to the 85 but for those of us who appreciate the gorgeous leir seiglar interior option with that two tone sand gray and leather inserts. Just saying it would be a die hard collectors dream to have one of the 84's produced. Or for a guy like me who has had an 84 as his first car. Ahh memories. But would never trade off or sell my 87 of course!
The problem is that we couldn't make just 100 of them, it didn't make monetary sense. The run needed to be 750-1000+ and the market just didn't support a decision like that. And the seats would have been the same as the 85. There was no way the expense would have made sense for the seiglar seats. GMP discussed an etching into the roof to make it look like t-tops, but quickly dumped the idea because it would have looked so cheap.