Why won't this car build boost?


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May 25, 2001
After hours of diagnostics.....we think we have figured this car out. Do you guys think this could be the probelm?:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


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This couldn't be the turbo you just got back could it?
GEEEEEEZ....I'd love to hear a sound download of what that sounded like when the turbo shaft came "SCREATCHING" to a halt!

Any damage done to the motor?
mine ran like that for years,keep looking:D.

houston,we have a problem...
Didn't the car smoke or make a clattering sound? I did that twice and it was the best smoke show I've ever seen. I had to drive it a mile home and right as I was pulling into my driveway the oil light came on. I burned all 5 quarts in a mile.
This is a car that was bought for the drivetrain only. They drove it home and wondered why it was a slug :rolleyes: - and we found out why. This car looked like it had been drove for years with the turbo like that!!!!

It looked like all the oil was going into the intake :eek: :eek: instead of out of the exhaust. We put the stocker off my car on it and got some boost to it - but the car is a basket case so far. It needs a major spring cleaning and a little tlc to get it up to par.

Twins post some of the other pics bud......

NoCooler& OTHRWMN working.

This drivetrain is going in a Jeep Wrangler.


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This is why I wouldn't buy a car over the net......w/out seeing it in person. Pics make this look great but you can't see the rotted out A pillars or the trunks lid holes or the floor that is shot.

Too many MI winters.:(

The white spots are my attempt at making it small enough to post.

ok now the pic.

I'm a dumb ass on Mon. am


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We have basically robbed the parts we want including the drive train,and sold the body for what we paid for the car!