Wide Band Cable Routing Help


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May 28, 2001
I'm moving my wide band sensor from low in the down pipe to 8"-10" from the turbo. I am trying to go through the radio antenna/power antenna grommet so I don't have to drill a hole. I can push a steel wire through the grommet as shown here.

Dash side.JPG

I have not been able to see the wire on the other side looking down where the antenna/ power antenna cables are visible no matter how much wire I push through.

Outside by HVAC.JPG

I can't figure where the wire is going. I have tried different angles and nothing works. Do I need to take the bottom fender bolts out like I was replacing the power antenna to be able to find the wire or is there an easier way? Anybody who has done this please tell me the trick.

There's a really good place under the glove box where the HVAC tubes run though. The downside is you have to extract the pin or cut the wire to get it through there.
Where is the sensor, now?
8" from the turbo is too close. The wb should not be subjected to that much heat.
I'll check that route out. I didn't think the cables would be long enough going that way.

It was 37" down and I moved it to 10" down that's why I'm looking for the new cable route.
I hear what Chuck is saying in his above posts. I understand we all want a convenient location for installation and future serviceability. A lot of installation guidelines note at least 16 inches downstream from turbo and preferably at least 24 inches downstream. I think it's understood to install the sensor between 9 and 3 o'clock so the sensor is not killed by condensation. great if bung can be installed at 12 o'clock in an inclined section of the downpipe but for most cars with a heater and AC that's not exactly possible. maybe go back a few steps...so the old location was just before the transition to the test pipe or cat....if the bung was installed to keep the sensor as vertical as possible, why looking at changing the location?
From a dyno session last fall it was suggested to move it up so I did. Thanks for the concern.....if it fails I'll move it.
new Location.jpg
That's the same location that Jason at RJC welds in the o2 bung with his 3" downpipes.
If you choose to go through door jamb/antennea grommet be careful of routing so door hinge, etc doesnt crush/pinch wires through door open/close
Get that car ready for THS class in BG- you only have about 8 weeks left- Lol.

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