Wideband O2 Usage - Track/Tuning only?

Sep 30, 2005
I've read a few posts that elude to having your wideband installed only when tuning or at the track and should be removed under normal driving conditions. Is this true? Seems like a hassle to be constantly removing and replacing the sensor. I don't yet have a wideband, but if/when I do I know I'll want to be watching/recording data all the time.
never read that. i guess if you want to pro long the sensors life you could do that. i would run it 24/7 i data log all the time.
The Innovate Wideband instructions in my manual state that if it not warmed up(plugged in & powered up) it will contaminate the sensor and it will not read properly.

I use mine for initial tuning for my 99% street use and then I remove and it only goes back when I go to the track or if I make a mod change in the mean time.3

Like Boost231 says... you can leave it in all the time..its your call.
Y not use a system that has a NB output, as well as WB??
NB to the stock ECM, and WB to the external gauge and/or datalogger.
As for warmed up.. Either a WB, or a heated NB need to be warmed up B4 they will react.
turn the key on, watch the gauge.. When it hits either 19:1, or in some systems, reads out "lean", it's hot and ready to go.
I run mine all the time even though I had not planned on it. It must be on when the car the car is running but it's not like you will kill it instantly if you forget once in a while.