Wideband question

We installed this: TurboTweak - Turbo Buick Custom Chips and Parts in Al's T. We haven't got everything hooked up but I'm looking forward to using it. It's not imparative to watch the O2 numbers. They move pretty fast. It's easier to read the PL files after. Oh and you can see the O2s on the Scanmaster after the chip upgrade if you want.
If you have or are going to buy a scanmaster you don't need a WB gauge.
will the scanmaster show A/F ratio with upgrade chip or just show O2 mv's at faster update speed? I can only buy 1 thing at a time and not sure if 1st should be wideband w/gage or powerlogger.
It shows both. When you toggle though the wb is added.
Hey Mike
guess I'll order a powerlogger first. how much is the chip upgrade any idea?
gotta get off my ass and get the engine out. I might buy the same wideband as Al and a wideband chip.
It's part of the package. I went with the 6.0 and it does real well keeping the a/f at the point you set. The 5.6 works fine but you have to watch it closer to tune it. Someday I'll try the SD and dump the MAF...