Widening stock wheels

Turbo Brian

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my 275/50 nittos rub the frame on my car if i dont use a spacer. i want to get rid of the spacer so i see my options as getting new wheels (15x8 3.5bs) or widening my stock ones to 15x8.

if i widen the stock wheels, can i change the backspacing? does widening structurally weaken the wheels? will the wheels come out pretty true? right now, the car rides really smoothe, i'd hate to end up with a shakey ride.
If you widen the wheels to 8" but leave the backspacing the same (3 7/8"), your frame rubbing problems should go away with 275 tires.

the obvious problem with this is it means there will be an unchromed area on the front side of the wheel where a new 1" wide hoop was added or the entire wheel will need to be stripped/rechromed to avoid this.

3.5" backspacing on an 8" wheel would result in an even larger unchromed area.

Tru-wheel design widens GN wheels.
I can't remember to company in Denver that has done these in the past.

I think they take the center out and weld it into a new wider outer ring.

Everything comes back chromed. There were some pictures on the board a while back, but probably have been archived by now.
10" GN wheels

Just got my rims back yesterday.I had the outers replaced into 15x10" with 3.75" backspacing.Tomorrow I will have 305/50/15
mounted.Hope I don`t need spacer.
Trudesign Wheel Inc.
Custom Wheel Builders
5890 N. Washington St. #4
Denver, CO. 80216
fax 303-296-7665
cool, thanks for the info.

to those that sent your wheels out to be widened, about how much did it cost to ship those heavy buggers (2 wheels)?

and what was the turnaround? a week or two, a month?

cost on wheels

It cost me $110 ea. and took 2 1/2 months due to poor chroming.
The wheel shop had to send it back to LA calif for rechroming.
Can somebody post some pics of their widened GN rims or a link to someones web page?

I'd also like some info as far as quality, back spacing, tire size, etc, so if someone would like to email me that'd be great.. I need some new rear tires but I'm thinking of having the rims widened first.

TCGN, with a 15x10 and only 3.75 backspacing with a 305/50 you are looking at alot of wheel sticking out of the wheel well.

I have 15x10 with 4.5 backspacing, aluminum drums, and 295/50. Just rolled the lip and fit right in there. Nothing sticks out and nothing rubs. I did alot of number crunching first to make sure, and polyurethaned all the bushing in the rear to help.

Your wheels are going to be almost 5/8 of an inch out further than mine.

Before you mount that tire on them, check it out first on the car. If I were to do it all over again, I would get it rolled first, then put the tire in.

Your NOT going to need a wheel spacer due to the rim being 10 inches wide and that 3.75 back spacing on a 10 inch rim. You have to much offset, your going to need to get out the ABBA cd collection cause that thing is going to look like 1974 all over again.

As for widening the stock rim, I would only do it for asthetic reasons. At 29 lbs each stock, adding more width to them means your over 30 lbs a rim and can get billet aluminum ones at 19 lbs for a 10 inch rim. Tons of weight saving on rotational mass. I saved 44 lbs on my set up over the stock rims. That has to do something besides look better.

At $110 each rim to get it widened, you could sell the stock ones for $400 and pay for the new ones with only $200 out of your pocket.
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Thanks all

It does stick alot.I now have GNX rear flares with the stock flare
rolled up to clear.Looks great.Sorry no pics.