will a 85 turbo Riv motor fit into GN


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Other than doing the intake and oil drain will this motor go into a 87 GN with out any major issues, if I'm missing something any help appreciated, thanks.
The long block will work. Much of the rest will be different. There's the Riviera to Regal difference and then there's the Hot Air to IC difference.
If you want to replace your 87 IC motor there are a few differences. The big difference is the block. The Riv will be the standard hot air casting and it has the turbo drainback hole drilled on the back side that will need to be plugged. It also uses a different oil pan and pick up that will need to be swapped over to the Regal set up. The Riv also used the older carb cam instead of the SFI cam as on the hot air and IC. Other than these differences the long blocks will interchange. I've rebuilt several of these motors and have a couple of Rivs so any other questions you might have just post back here and I will try to answer them.

Eric Fisher
Ron, if you are stripping down an 85 Riviera engine and are not keeping the hot air and Riviera parts, sell them in the parts for sale forum, while not worth as much as IC parts, they will sell. The turbo, exhaust manifolds/crossover, oil pan, oil pick up, motor mount are unique to the Rivieras and getting hard to come by. Do you have the transmission an differential also?

I am just about done collecting parts to do the conversion of same 85 Riviera engine mounted on stand, had to change everything except block, heads and timing cover, you should have it easy just transfer your parts over. Keep all your bolts in order from the 87 engine, while some 85 bolts are same and all metric, the 87 brackets, manifold,headers,etc. will bolt up with the right lengths without guesswork. Have to use 87 valve covers and dipstick tube and dipstick, fuel lines to rail too. Oh, at least the knock sensor is the same, what a break!

Eric, anything good or bad about the Riviera cam? Probably should just change it along with timing chain and see what cam the IC guys are using with there mods.:D
Nothing wrong with the carb cam but you will notice the difference. Since I usually buy these cars with bad motors or some type of driveabilty problems, and I usually have spare stock cams laying around, I always put the SFI cams in. Eric