Will I Ever Get A Break!!!


I got the GN blues
well, my car has somehow managed to have another thing go wrong with it.

I've even limited myself to not going over 1/2 throttle while driving it so that I could make it up to stanton for test and tune september 12th(and boy was that hard):D

I get back from cruising to appelby's for dinner and I notice that when I'm accelerating(only at 1/4 throttle) I can hear the turbo spooling.....it keeps spooling.....and getting louder.....and the car goes nowhere! so at the next light I hit the throttle harder to about 1/2, and same thing only even louder as you can imagine. the turbo is literally screaming, and sounds cool as hell, but the car is going nowhere:mad: when the turbo is screaming I'm also noticing that my wastegate is not opening up. so I limp home and get out of the car and wouldn't ya know it.....more blue smoke out the tailpipes.

oh and to add to the noises I've developed a ticking noise that is loudest when I'm underneath the torque convertor. I'm not sure it is the torque convertor but it's coming from that area underneath the car.

alright so here's what's been recently done to my car:
head gaskets changed
new turbo
new crank and bearings
new cam bearings

all these have happened within the last 4 months

what is wrong with my car?!?

:confused: :confused: :confused:
Dude...you gotta keep that thing together. Your luck sounds just about as good as mine.

Start off with the simple things.

Noise near the t/c - Remove the t/c inspection cover and tighten the (3) bolts.

Turbo spooling but no power - hmm.. is the cat still on the car?

Keep us posted - I'm not against coming and helping you but you'd be 3rd-4th in line. Between mine, helpping Twins and BIGSIX I have my hands full - but maybe next weekend if you don't have it sorted out Twins and I could come give you a hand.
I would guess that the reasons your turbo is "screaming" and the blue smoke go hand in hand...your bearing went, took the oil seal with it, and now the "screaming" is the turbine wheel scraping against the housing!

(being on my 8th turbo, I'm familiar with the funny noises!)

ok...I'll check the 3 bolts tomorrow morning. i've had the cat off since i've owned the car, as far as the burning oil is concerned....I just had a thought. when my old turbo went bad, could oil have gone through the intercooler tubes and into the intercooler itself. could there be oil in the bottom of my cooler and everytime the turbo boosts...it pulls the oil through the system into the intake??? perhaps I should take of the I/C and run it hot-air for a while.

I'm really concerned about the wastegate valve not opening...but I looked at the vac. lines and they're on tight. I think I'm just going to start pulling off lines that run from the turbo to the adjustment valve and see what happens.

I'm beginning to think that this turbonetics wastegate is a P.O.S.

I might just take everything off and start over from scratch...I don't know :confused:

I'll keep you guys posted.
bearing already?!?

Thanks BFH, I just had a new turbo put on roughly 3-4 weeks ago. I had a local dealer do the work....they've got a couple mechanics now that are familiar with our cars and actually do mods and stuff there on site. That's the only reason I decided to take it there 'cause usually dealers don't know sh**

looks like I'll be taking my car back there and getting her fixed for free:D :D

i'll let you guys know tomorrow sometime