Will the turbo fit w/o clocking?


Oct 11, 2003
I have the FM Spearco IC on my Buick. Now, you are to clock the turbo, stocker, to get th turbo to fit, right? Well, if I upgraded to a TA-49, would I necessarilly need to clock the turbo housing to get it to fit?
You will have to reclock the stock turbo and if you buy an aftermarket turbo you will have to reclock that one too. A new turbo will be much easier to reclock as the bolts wont be all rusted. The new turbo will most likly come clocked for a stock 86/87, I would think. Or even if it is clocked for a stock 84/85 you would still have to reclock it.

Do you have the stock turbo reclocked already and running with the spearco setup? I had the spearco setup and I liked it, it was an awesome intercooler, even with my stock turbo.

Because of the way the Spearco Kit is designed you will have to reclock any turbo to use it unless you redesign the way it installs.
Reclock turbo

I have some pictures of the Spearco intercooler and reclocking the turbo on Webshot.com look up member MrBuick101