Will This Work?

Big Paul

Bob Barker
Dec 9, 2001
Will a Buick 200-4R bolt up to a Small Block Chevy?

Or will I have to get a Chevy 200-4R?
WOW! It will?

WOW! I didn't know it did, work.

So, I can drop a SB Chevy into my Buick and it will bolt up to the Buick tranny?

Damn, this saves me alot of time, and $$$!

I thought it wouldn't work, and some people have told me it won't.

Thanks Bruce!:eek:
Re: Will work just fine in fact very well

Originally posted by WE4
Yes it will work very well have fun .:)


even better,this means i can take a brf tranny and bolt it up to my dad's 327 in his hotrod?

are 2004r's "transtesticle":D,meaning they have chevy and b-o-p bolt patterns?

oh,btw,my dad's hotrod is a 30 model a pickup w/a deuce grille,chopped/dropped w/'62 327/th350 and 4.11's.it screams,but needs overdrive something fierce!:D

oh,but no 3/4 race cam;)sorry bruce.:D

Yes, bolt it in

Yes it will work GREAT!!! And dad will love it. Yes the are hermaphroditic or they are kinda bi as they go both ways.. ROFL:D Bop and chevy. A few were made in early 80's that were bop only but 90% of those were diesels so it is not a big deal with all the others. Enjoy and make dad happy:)