windshield wiper blades


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Jun 3, 2009
hello people: Irt's been a long time since I changed them and it's needed. Brain fart. Due U activate the arm a bit so it sits on the windshield or just pull the arm up manually? Also what blades do youz like? What are on there are anco arm with a curve in it. I'd like to get some with replacable blades not the whole arm like I do on my CRV. I buy the blades from the dealership for the CRV.
Activate, use the key to kill them in a good position.
Mine never last perfectly more than a year being outside all the time.
I'm still cheap, so I move the drivers side to the passenger side.
I buy the whole blade, I think the originals were replaceable however.
I've used Bosch, Michelin, and RainX from Walmart they all suck.
The Rain-X ones aren't terrible, contrary to another's opinion.

They keep the W/S clear in rain and last about a year and a half in the hot AZ desert.

Pretty simple to install, too, if I 'memebr right
I will admit they all work just fine, they just suck to replace for $10-$26 EACH when they used to last years in the old days. :(
Then again my father had to install a hand operated wiper on his '28 Chevy open car so I really shouldn't complain much. o_O
hello people: Speaking of auto parts do youz think they're all the same?. I've been going to NAPA and I might try a different place.
hello people: I was going to order from Hyway Stars till I saw it's $30 to ship. Fuck that.
I like NAPA for parts, the one in Cheshire CT is a small store that sells to repair shops so they know parts.
As in you don't need make and model to get an answer about a part you might need for something custom, like fittings.
If ordering on line - The last time I checked Rockauto. Good quality black and I think FEDEX Ground was about $10-11 if that was all I ordered. I headed over to NAPA parts store - very good & had'm right away.