Windshield Wiper Motor P/N


Dec 27, 2001
My windshield wiper motor is just about dead. I pulled it out and went to Advanced Auto Parts for a replacement motor. They gave me a new Dorman motor P/N 601112. However, the Dorman motor has a three pronged harness while the motor I pulled from my 87 GN has a two pronged harness (this is the plug on the motor down at the bottom, not the 4 pronged harness that attaches to the side up by the pulse cover). Otherwise it looks the same. This particular Dorman motor had a "dummy" cover, not a pulse one. Not sure if that makes a difference on the motor end.

Anyone know what the proper manufacturer and P/N is for the wiper motor and/or where to get one?

I'd rather not pull from the junkyard and get a "junk" one that's no better than the one I just pulled from my GN. I'd rather have a new fresh motor.

The replacement motor for my GN is a Cardone 40175 remanufactured unit. Comes without the cover and washer pump. I also had to take my bushings and park switch pulse terminals from my old wiper motor and transfer them to the Cardone one since it didn't come with them.